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STI Testing

Luton Sexual Health provides free, professional, confidential testing, diagnosis and treatment for a range of genital symptoms and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV.

STI’s affect people differently and only some will develop common symptoms. Many people with an STI will not notice any symptoms. Check the infections page for more information.

If you are sexually active, a regular sexual health check-up is a good idea – especially when you change partners.

Window periods:

Following sex without a condom there is a ‘window period’ in which it may be too early for STI’s to be detected by the tests.

  • Chlamydia and gonorrhoea can take up 2 weeks to show up in a urine or swab test
  • Syphilis can take up to 12 weeks (3 months) to show up on a blood test
  • HIV can take up to 45 days to show up on a blood test taken in clinic, or 90 days on a Point of Care Test (finger prick or saliva)

We recommend that you wait at least 2 weeks after having sex without a condom sex to do an STI screen. You may need to repeat some tests at a later date if you are still inside the testing window period. However, if you are experiencing any concerning symptoms (such as abdominal pain, testicular pain, generalised body rash or sores/ulcers), you can book a telephone appointment to assess your needs even within above window periods.


Please click on the links below to read about our testing options.

Testing in Clinic – click here for info

Home Testing – click here for info

Some STI testing is also available at local pharmacies.