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Education Services

121 Intervention Programme

This programme supports young people who may be at risk of poorer sexual health outcomes and who may display inappropriate or unsafe sexual behaviours, those who are involved in unhealthy relationships, or those who require support in relation to their gender identity or sexual orientation.  The programme consists of 6 sessions and provides tailored support and advice to help the young person to engage in behavioural change. This will support them to make healthier, more positive choices in relation to the sex and relationships they may have. If you are working with a young person who you feel may need some support around sex and relationships, please complete this referral form and return to The referral will then be assessed and if appropriate, the designated Education worker will make contact for an initial assessment. Please note that not all referrals will meet our assessment criteria. We can provide alternative support so you can support the young person. The number of sessions can be extended for SEND young people.

Condom Card and Chlamydia screening training 

LSH are able to support you to provide the condom card scheme and Chlamydia screening services within your organisation. This will allow you to provide sexual health services, information and advice to young people you work with. LSH will provide all the resources required, training and on-going support. If you would like to register as a site, please contact Donna on or call 07976406909

Health and Wellbeing Events

These events provide sexual health information (specific information relating to a particular sexual health campaign or awareness day) and how to access sexual health support. LSH will be able to provide condom card registration/distribution and Chlamydia screening opportunities at these events. If you would like to book an event or would like more information, please contact or

Assemblies : Access to Services (20 minutes)

LSH are able to deliver assemblies to all year groups providing information about LSH services (including clinical and education support), community support and how and where to access services such as condom card scheme,  Chlamydia screening and access to Emergency contraception.

Assemblies: Specialised (20-60 minutes)  

LSH are able to provide specialised and targeted assemblies to young people focused on specific local and national sexual health campaigns and awareness days. These can include LGBT History month, CSE Awareness Day, National Sexual Health Week and World Aids Day.

Targeted education sessions

These sessions provide information, support and guidance on a wide range of topics for small groups. These include STI’s and contraception, consent, sexting, pornography, sex and the law and healthy relationships. LSH can provide registration to the condom card scheme and access to Chlamydia screening if appropriate.

Fast Track assessment

If you are working with a vulnerable young person who requires urgent clinical support (STI screening, contraception or Emergency contraception), you can call a member of the Outreach team to discuss (advisable to have the young person with you at the time of the call) who will be able to assess their needs, and if appropriate, book them a suitable clinical appointment. Please call Donna on 07976406909 or Drew on 07976406912