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Our Social Value

Luton Sexual Health Services commitment to Social Value allows us to consider, measure and improve on our impact on the local community.  We are committed to working with the people of Luton, tackling sexual health inequalities, making every contact count and providing a holistic and inclusive service to our diverse local population.

  • Our hub, outreach and online services aim to engage our clients in not just sexual health, contraception and HIV services, but to consider the wider health and wellbeing of our local community.
  • Our staff are valued and important to us.
  • We pay our staff the Real Living Wage and when possible recruit from our local population.
  • We try to work with local businesses to contribute to our local economy.
  • We share Luton Borough Councils values, vision and aspiration for Luton to be a place where everyone has a voice, is valued, is able to participate, contribute to and enjoy living in our vibrantly diverse community.

In August 2022 LSH became the first Sexual Health service in England to be awarded the Social Value Quality Mark Level 1 and we are now making good progress towards our silver award.

Social Value Definition

LSH’s overarching SV vision is based upon and reflects the following bespoke definition:

The impact and benefit of the interventions and education delivered by LSH to the local community, the environment and wider society.

In line with the above definition and established SV Principles, LSH has made seven specific Pledges to the local community, which identify the areas in which SV will be created.


LSH Social Value Pledges

To reduce carbon emissions and minimise waste, contributing to the aims of becoming net zero and improving wider local population health.

To reduce the economic impact upon wider health, social care, and community services through specific universal and/or targeted sexual health interventions in Luton.


To enable local people to change behaviour, make better and more positive decisions around their own sexual health and to increase access to information that enables effective self-management.

To advise, educate, upskill, and collaborate with key local partner agencies and medical professionals, to enable them to recognise diverse Sexual Health needs and involvement in risky sexual behaviours, enabling them to intervene appropriately, both directly and through referral to LSH.

To employ a local team of Staff and Volunteers who reflect the diverse nature of our service users, (to raise awareness of our services and to promote inclusion and access for all).


To connect with vulnerable people/service users from diverse backgrounds and disaffected local communities through inclusive Outreach and Health Promotion, to improve access to LSH.


To identify new ways of supporting clients by targeting gaps in community service provision and responding to the changing, or newly apparent sexual health needs of our local communities.

For more information about the steps we are taking on our Social Value journey, please contact our Social Value Sponsor and Social Value Lead.

Social Value Executive Sponsor – Jenny Melrose,

Social Value Lead – Kelsie Holdstock-Clarke,