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STI Testing

Please click here for advice about meeting sexual partners and reducing your Covid risk.


For routine STI testing, please order a free and confidential testing kit to be sent to your home address.

Home testing kits are available to the majority of Luton postcode residents aged 16 years or over (up to any age).

Follow this link to order a kit to be sent to your home. You can read more about the home testing process here.


Please be assured that your kits will be tested ASAP once they arrive at the freetest.me lab, and you will be contacted once your results are available. You can track the progress of your kit on the freetest.me website.

Please note that Luton Sexual Health do not have any further tracking information than what is shown on freetest.me, so we will not be able to provide any more detailed progress. If your kit is still showing as “Pending Return” after you have posted it, we are waiting for it to be delivered back to the lab by Royal Mail.

Thank you for your patience.


Non-LSH postcodes

If you live in Slip End, Caddington, Streatley, Dunstable or anywhere else in Bedfordshire, you will need to order via the iCASH website


If you have symptoms which are concerning you

You need to book a Telephone Consultation appointment so that we can assess your needs.

Please be aware – you may still be asked to request a home testing kit and you will only be asked to attend clinic if the clinician feels it is absolutely necessary.