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Testing in Clinic

Before testing in clinic, you will need to have a telephone assessment to determine your needs. Please book a telephone appointment by calling Reception on 01582 497070

The Doctor or Nurse will advise on whether you need to come to clinic, or if you can order a home testing kit. There are various reasons why you might need to come to clinic such as

  • You need screening for infections which can’t be tested for via home kits
  • You have had syphilis in the past and need to test for this again (can only be done on clinic blood test)
  • You need an examination or other services such as vaccines in clinic
  • You live outside our home testing area
  • You are under 16 years old
  • Any other reason home testing is not suitable, which you have discussed with the clinician

Testing in clinic may involve a member of the clinical team taking samples from your genitals, you taking your own sample from your genitals, providing a urine sample, and / or the clinical team taking a blood sample. The type of testing required will be discussed with you on your telephone appointment, and explained to you when you attend the clinic.

Accessing results

If you have been tested in clinic, you will be given a card which tells you what you have been tested for. You can obtain your result by calling the automated results line on 01582 497071 and selecting option 1.

You will need your index number which will also be given to you on the card.

Please allow 2 weeks for all results to become available – our members of staff will not be able to chase up any outstanding results until it has passed 2 weeks since you were tested. If you have not heard from us and you still have outstanding results after 2 weeks, please let us know and we will check up on these for you.

If you have any infections or results which we need to speak to you about, our Health Advisors will contact you. Calls will come from a Luton & Dunstable Hospital number, or a withheld number. We may then need to call you after you have finished any treatment to follow up.