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Contraceptive injection

What is it?

A contraceptive injective is a hormone injection that can be given to women every 12 weeks. The injection is given into the big muscle in the buttocks (backside). It slowly releases a hormone into the body.

Depo-provera is the most popular contraceptive injection in the UK.

How it works

The injection contains progestogen, which thickens the mucus in the cervix, stopping sperm reaching an egg. It also thins the womb lining to prevent the release of an egg.

It is over 99% effective as long as the injections are administered regularly every 12 weeks. On stopping the injections some women may need time to be fertile again and potentially become pregnant.

How do I get this contraception?

Call us on 01582 497070 to book a telephone consultation. We can discuss Depo-Provera as a contraception option and provide regular injections as required.