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If you require Emergency Contraception or PEP, these can be obtained from any of our clinics.

Screen & Go

Screen & Go appointments are for people who would like a sexual health screen and are not experiencing any symptoms. You will take your own swabs and/or provide a urine sample (depending on gender and which areas of your body need testing). These will be tested for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. A blood test will be taken by a Health Care Assistant or Nurse if you would like a test for HIV and/or Syphilis.

You may be booked in to the Screen & Go clinic when you attend our Walk In & Wait service, or we have some pre-booked Screen & Go appointments available each day.

Booked Screen & Go

We have a number of Screen & Go appointments each day which are available to pre-book in advance. You can book by calling the clinic on 01582 497070 or by visiting our online booking page.

Booked Appointments

We have a number of appointments available to pre-book either by calling the clinic on 01582 497070 or booking online.

These appointments are for a variety of needs such as symptomatic sexual health screening or contraception. Booked appointments are not available on a Saturday, please attend the Walk In & Wait clinic.

Walk In & Wait

If you do not have a pre-booked appointment, you can attend our Walk In & Wait clinic which operates daily Monday to Saturday. However you may still need to wait 1-2 hours before being seen. We can see you for any kind of sexual health or contraception related query in the Walk In & Wait clinic.

You will be asked to fill out a self-assessment form so we can determine which health care professional you need to see – you may be able to do a Screen & Go test, or see a Nurse, Doctor or Health Advisor.

Our Walk In slots can fill up fast – you will be booked in on a first come first served basis and given an estimated time of when you will be seen. If all slots are full we may not be able to see you on the day you attend, but we will always make sure that you are able to speak to a trained member of staff to decide what your next best option would be.

If you receive a slot later in the day, you can leave the service and return for your estimated time slot. Our Reception staff will do their best to update you via text if there is a change to the estimated time so that you can return earlier/later if needed.

Sometimes you may see people called through before yourself even though they arrived later – please bear in mind that we have a variety of different clinics running at one time so they are likely attending a different clinic to you or have a pre-booked appointment. Occasionally we may have to fast-track people to the front of the queue, our Reception team will try their best to update you if there will be a delay to clinic due to this.

24 & Under

At certain times we have clinics which are dedicated just for our clients who are aged 24 and under. This is on Wednesday 16:00 – 19:00, and Saturday 13:30 – 15:00.

You can still attend our clinics at other times, which are for people of any age. You can check our clinic times for more information.

Telephone assessments

In exceptional circumstances where a client is unable to attend the clinic (e.g. housebound) a telephone assessment may be offered.  If you feel you require a telephone assessment please contact the clinic on 01582 497070 and ask to speak to a Health Advisor to arrange a telephone assessment.