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Sex and safety

Important Notice – 20/11/19

There appears to have has been an increase in incidents involving lube being spiked with GHB as a form of ‘date rape’ within the MSM community who engage in chemsex. This means a number of individuals have experienced sexual violence and assault. The effects of high exposure to GHB includes aggression, unconscious, coma, potential overdosing or even death. It is advised that single sachet lube use can reduce the risk of GHB spiking, rather than using bottled dispensing lube. Please be vigilant. Sachet lube is available from Luton Sexual Health along with screening, information and support.





Safe sex for people who are LGBT is very important. You can have safer sex by:

  • Using condoms and plenty of lubricant every time you have anal sex
  • Using dental dams to protect you and your partner from infection during oral sex
  • Getting regularly tested for STIs
  • Avoiding having lots of partners or more than one partner at once
  • Cleaning sex toys after use, and using condoms if sharing them
  • Using gloves or condoms to cover fingers and hands when manually penetrating a partner’s rectum
  • Being mindful of the effect of drugs and alcohol on our sexual behaviour.
  • Being aware of your schedule if you must take Chems, and measuring your doses carefully

Find out more about preventing STI’s

The increase in dating and hook-up apps aimed at LGB&T people has made it all the more important to stay informed of sexual health information. Remember to stay safe when meeting new sexual partners that you have only talked to online – let someone know where you are going, avoid eating or drinking anything given to you by casual sexual partners, and leave any situation that is making you feel uncomfortable or anxious.

Luton Sexual Health can be found on Squirt and Growlr for Men who have Sex with Men over the age of 18. We are there to answer any questions you might have – but please come in to the clinic if you have STI symptoms. We cannot diagnose anything online. We also offer two types of screening clinics at the Greenhouse Sauna – Rapid HIV screening on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 8pm to 11pm, and full screening on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 4pm to 7pm