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Condom, Femidom & Dental Dam User Guide

Safe and consistent use of male or female condoms can bring down the risk of unplanned pregnancy and the transmission of most sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) during sex, including chlamydiagonorrhoeasyphilis and HIV. Safe and effective use of dental dams can also be used to reduce oral (mouth) transmission of STI’s

Condoms are available to buy in shops or online or get them free of charge from any of our clinics.  You can sign up to our Condom Card scheme which is available for those up to 24 years old – this enables you to get free condoms from various pharmacies in Luton.

If you are 25 and older, you can sign up for the C-Card+ at Luton Sexual Health. Condoms for C-Card+ holders are available from clinic only. See more info on our Condom Card page.

View more information about using external (“male”) condoms or internal (“female”) condoms