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Commercial Sex Work

If you are involved in commercial sex work or selling sex, then it is important that you look after your sexual health.  Luton Sexual Health support sex workers of all genders and sexualities, of all religions and ethnicities, with your sexual health and general health and wellbeing.

LSH recommend that you:

  • Take a full STI test every 3 months
  • Use a barrier method of contraception every time you have sex
  • use a hormonal method of contraception if you have a vagina, to prevent an unplanned pregnancy
  • Are vaccinated against Hepatitis B

All of the above are available to you at Luton Sexual Health.  You can book an appointment through the website or via telephone.  You will have access to highly qualified clinical staff who can provide a full sexual health and contraceptive service to you based on your needs and sexual history.

If you have had unprotected sex contact us as soon as you can.  We can offer you PEPSE (to prevent HIV transmission) and EHC (to prevent a pregnancy) if appropriate.  We can support you if you have experienced non-consensual sex.

We can also support you with other aspects of your health and wellbeing if you need it.


If you are a professional who works with a client who is involved in commercial sex work or selling sex please click on the link for further information.