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Sex, Social Distancing and Covid-19

It is still not safe to meet and have sex with new partners.

However if you are going to do so, please take a look at this guidance from THT which gives some important safety information.


You can click here to read the BASHH recommendations on sex during the Coronavirus pandemic. This document includes information about who you can have sex with, and how you can have safer sex.


Update to the above recommendations: Support Bubbles

The Government have made some changes to social distancing guidance. If you live by yourself, or are a single parent with dependent children – you can now make a ‘support bubble’ with another household. This means you are able to meet indoors, be less than 2 metres apart, and stay overnight. 

This means if you and your sexual partner do not live together, you can now have physical contact if you wish (provided one of you fits the criteria above). Please note that you can only have one support bubble, so you cannot have sexual partners from more than one other household.

It is still not safe to meet new partners.

Please read the full Government guidance on support bubbles here